Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Need To Have A Sleep Study Done?

Yes, an overnight polysonogram is needed to determine if you have Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Without a diagnosis of OSA your medical insurance will not cover an oral appliance. If you have not had a sleep study performed, Dr. Shulman will do a complete evaluation to determine if you may have sleep apnea. If so a prescription will be given for a sleep study to be done.

Do I Need X-Rays?

Dr. Shulman will complete an oral examination and determine if any x-rays are needed based on his findings. 

Will My Insurance Cover The Cost?

Each individual insurance plan varies from one another. Please bring all medical and dental benefit information and cards to your first appointment. Depending on your specific insurance plan we will submit a pre-authorization to help better determine what will be covered under your plan. In addition we will do our best to determine what portion, if any, the patient will owe. Please be aware a pre-authorization is not a guarantee of payment.

Can I Wear An Oral Appliance With Partials or Dentures?

We have many patient’s that are able to successfully wear their oral appliance with partial and or dentures. During your initial consultation Dr. Shulman will do a complete oral examination to determine that your partials and or dentures will hold the oral appliance in place. He will then make any recommendations to you to help support your oral appliance.

How Many Appointments Will I Need?

Once your initial appointment is completed and authorization has been obtained you will need an appointment to come in for dental impressions to be taken. This is a fairly short appointment that can be scheduled in the morning or afternoon. Once the impressions are taken they are then sent off to the laboratory for the fabrication of your oral appliance. Once your oral appliance is returned to our office, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment to come in and have the appliance fitted. After you have received your appliance we will see you again in 4 weeks to follow up and make you first adjustment. Each patient is different and the amount of adjustments needed will differ from patient to patient. Of course if there are any problems with your oral appliance, an appointment can be scheduled to address any issues.

Will I Have To Have Another Sleep Study?

Once your oral appliance has been adjusted and your sleep apnea symptoms have improved Dr. Shulman will determine the right time to have a confirmation sleep study. During this study the oral appliance will be worn for half of the study. This will confirm that the oral appliance is working effectively to take care of your sleep apnea.  Dr. Shulman will then carefully review your results and you will be contacted by our office.

What If I Need Dental Work?

Good oral health must be established as we need to have a healthy foundation before using a night time oral device.